Holiday Special for My Name is Charlie

Hey everyone! As you know, I am a big supporter of the non-kill animal shelter, S.O.A.R. (Southport Oak Island Animal Rescue). Currently, all their dogs are in outdoor kennels and S.O.A.R. has been trying to raise money to build all weather¬†kennels. Winter is coming, and even though the shelter is located on the coast, temperatures can drop down into the 30′s. Last year they even had snow. Since the season of giving is upon us, I’ve decided that for the months of November and December, ALL proceeds from the sale of my picture book, My Name is Charlie, will go to their kennel fund.
You can purchase my books through Amazon or Barnes and Noble or click the buy now options under the novels tab on my website.
If you want to send a donation to S.O.A.R. directly, you can follow the link:

Let’s help them stay warm for the holidays!

~A.E. Keener

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